Memorial Embellishments

Types of Etchings

Etching is a method of carving on the polished surface of dark granites usually a black granite. Etching can be done by laser or by hand. With laser etching you can have whatever you imagine engraved on the monument with finite detail and photos can be altered. If you cannot find a picture of what you want, we can always have our artist draw something for you.  There is an additional fee for any etching and color can be added to an etching.


Often of a person or group of people
Memorial Embellishments - Portrait Etchings
Memorial Embellishments - Portrait Etchings


This etching could be a special object like a car or favorite bird
Memorial Embellishments - Spot Etchings


This etching could be a special object like a car or favorite bird
Memorial Embellishments - Custom Etchings


A farm scene, favorite fishing spot or any landscape area


Add a custom flower vase for seasonal flower arrangements to be placed

Granite Vase Example

Core Hole and Metal Vases


The finish on a memorial is how it is polished on the front, back, sides, and top as well as the polishing the base and maybe adding a margin. Most memorial arrive from the quarry with the front and back shiny and the sides and top rocky. However, you may want to upgrade the memorial by adding additional polish to other areas.

Polish 3

Polish 5

The top and both sides are polished

Polished Margin

A margin is a two inch border that is polished on the base

Polished Base

The base of the memorial can be polished


To add depth and dimension to a memorial you may want to add shape carvings and or color for an additional fee or a custom carving of something special

Shape Carving

Shape carving is a technique that is generally used for flowers. The outline of the design is shaped to look three dimensional.


You can unique colors to highlight carvings and etchings.

Custom Carvings

A carved duplicate of a photo or item can be created to add a special effect to the memorial

Porcelain Portraits

A porcelain photo is a duplicate printed copy of any picture a customer has provided and is baked on a piece of ceramic in a kiln. Some editing can be done on the photo.